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Jan 05
Zoom Background Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge Zoom background!

Bored of having the same old background? Zhuzh up your background with this hilarious Alan Partridge wallpaper. Featuring his long suffering partner Sonja. Taken from Series 2 of 'I'm Alan Partridge'. (more…)
May 29

New commenting system

Quick update we've just removed Discqus and replaced it with Facebook comments, which means we have lost those comments forever but don't have their adverts! Thank you
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May 05

This Country Review | ★★★★★

Back in 2017 the BBC premiered the new show mockumentary show 'This Country', akin previous comedy's such as The Office this followed two degenerates around rural England. The two stars, who are real life brother and sister but play cousins Lee 'Kurtan' Mucklowe (Charlie Cooper)... read more →
Apr 28

New Website & Rebrand

We're currently updating our entire website and rebranding. You'll hopefully notice a lot of updates on pages, quotes and our social media over the next week and continuing future. Watch this space!