Series 1 – Episode 1.

Ben and Martin arrive in the town of Royston Vasey. While Ben goes off to stay with his Auntie Val and Uncle Harvey and their house of incomprehensible rules, Martin stumbles across the local shop, run by Tubbs and Edward who reveal their dislike of strangers.

Series 1 – Episode 2.

A new road is planned for the town and the surveyors pay a visit to Tubbs and Edward’s shop. Meanwhile, Judee is off to Antigua for a luxury holiday and Pauline holds a workshop for selling The Big Issue. Contains adult humour.

Series 1 – Episode 3.

Mr Chinnery, the vet, has an accident with a tortoise and Benjamin is appalled when he discovers what his aunty and uncle have for breakfast.

Series 1 – Episode 4.

Royston Vasey’s school children get a visit from the hopelessly incompetent Legz Akimbo Theatre Company and the Denton children get cousin Benjamin in more trouble than he can possibly imagine.

Series 1 – Episode 5.

It’s Mike and Cheryl’s wedding day, but perhaps it was a mistake to let volatile Geoff be Best Man. Meanwhile, at the Dentons’ house, a less jovial affair takes place with the funeral of Uncle Harveys beloved toads, Sonny and Cher.

Series 1 – Episode 6.

Tubbs and Edward’s local shop receives an unexpected visitor, Ben’s getting ever-more desperate to leave his uncle’s house, and its the day of Babs operation but she has a shock when she discovers who the surgeon is.





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