• Hallowe’en Comedy Artwork

    Hallowe’en Comedy Artwork0

    New: Alan Partridge Zombie artwork. Shitty Zombies!   First started when I drew Ollie Gervais, I thought it may be fun to Zombie up Ricky. After that I did Stephen and then Karl, thinking of ways to make them slightly different. Karl has top of head missing, Stephen has cracked glasses. Originally it was Zombie

  • Andy Millman plays David Brent & Derek Noakes (Fan Fiction)4

    Andy Millman (Extras) plays David Brent (The Office) & Derek Noakes (Derek) after the last episode … First of all I should say I should say Ricky Gervais’ Extras is my favourite series he’s done. You ‘avin a laff? What about The Office!? Yeah… The Office is great & ground breaking but Extras for me