• The Inbetweeners Creators' Reddit Q&A1

    • AMA
    • 8th August 2014

      What are the chances of a spin-off series which centres on a forbidden romance between big John and paedo Kennedy? Damon: Chances are high. Iain: By posting this on Reddit you automatically forfeit all rights to this idea. Consider it done.   Sequel wankers. Flash forward 10-15 years. If we popped back in on

  • Ricky Gervais Facebook Q&A (August 2014)0

    Will David Brent ever perform in the US? (More specifically CA) One day I’m sure he will, yes   Why is the training day your favourite episode. Of the office? I like how he showed he still wanted to be a pop star. I also like the way he so wanted to be in charge

  • Richard Ayoade's AMA roundup0

      Hello. I’m a writer, director, and then sometimes I’m in shows. My latest film is called The Double, in theaters & on demand May 9, here’s the trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzw0wEcsfxE And general info: http://www.magpictures.com/thedouble/ Should we start or something? I don’t know. Ask me anything. https://twitter.com/MagnoliaPics/status/463795884258390016 Thanks very much everyone – I have to go now and

  • Ricky Gervais Facebook Q&A1

      You’re a brave man Mr. Gervais. Thanks for being true to your beliefs, being vocal about them in the spotlight, and for making us all laugh along with you, even through tears, some of joy, some of frustration at the status quo. Thank you sir. My pleasure.

  • Karl Pilkington's Australian Q&A2

    Alrite. How’s it going? I’ll be doing the Q&A in a bit for people in Australia. God knows how long I’ll do it for as I’m knackered now. The time difference makes it a bit of a ball ache. It’s at times like this I wish the whole world just ran on the same timezone.

  • Ricky Gervais 29th February Facebook Q&A1

    why are you so awesome? What a fantastic question. I don’t have an answer, I just wanted everyone to see it.   When are you coming to australia ? As soon as I get a few weeks off. I’d love to tour Australia and see all your weird and wonderful creatures (I don’t mean Australians,