Dress Up as Dougie

Stuck for fancy dress ideas? This guide will point you in the best direction for your fancy dress, fun parties and especially… Halloween!

Dougie Derek Ricky Gervais

“Alright, trick or treat nob’ead!”

Lets get started with Dougie. From top to bottom this guide will let you get all you need to become your favourite manc ‘handyman’!

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Andy Millman plays David Brent & Derek Noakes (Fan Fiction)

Andy Millman (Extras) plays David Brent (The Office) & Derek Noakes (Derek) after the last episode …


First of all I should say I should say Ricky Gervais’ Extras is my favourite series he’s done.

You ‘avin a laff? What about The Office!?

300px-Darren&BarryYeah… The Office is great & ground breaking but Extras for me was just perfect. The sitcom parodied inside a sitcom, the celebrity guest appearances, the side characters Shaun Williamson (Barry from Eastenders), Darren Lamb (Stephen Merchant), Bunny (The panto director) and many more!

I love them all but Extras is my favourite. I can go back and watch again & again. If you haven’t seen it since it aired, go and buy the DVD and revisit the gold!

So where was Andy?
At the end of the Christmas Special we saw Andy make a comeback after his speech during his Big Brother stay. His agent who before his stay in the house was avoiding Andy because his career was on a nose dive after he cancelled his own show (When The Wind Whistle Blows). He’s waiting to sell his story backstage of the Big Brother press meeting, instead of going in he chooses to leave and get into a car with Maggie where they joke about ‘going somewhere nobody knows him’ – ‘The Ivy? / Hollywood?’.


So on to the fan fiction…

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