Ricky Gervais Facebook Q&A (August 2014)

Will David Brent ever perform in the US? (More specifically CA) One day I’m sure he will, yes   Why is the training day your favourite episode. Of the office? I like how he showed he still wanted to be a pop star. I also like the way he so wanted to be in charge

Ricky Gervais Facebook Q&A AMA

Will David Brent ever perform in the US? (More specifically CA)

One day I’m sure he will, yes


Why is the training day your favourite episode. Of the office?

I like how he showed he still wanted to be a pop star. I also like the way he so wanted to be in charge he was happy to shout: “I think there’s been a rape up there!”


What’s next? More Derek? More Idiot abroad? More Brent?

A Derek special hopefully, an Office update with a Brent movie and then another stand-up tour. But in the immediate future, I need to get the Emmys out of the way. Did I mention I’m nominated for another Emmy? 


Which Hollywood A lister that you have met do you think is the most down to earth and normal?

Tom Hanks


Will you be making a third season of Derek?

I think I’m going to keep to my usual format of 2 series and a special. The special will be amazing though. I promise. (Not legally binding, no money back)


Are you against religion?

No. Religion is never wrong.


Who does yer tampons?

Nobby Burton, 2 for a tenner, yes please.


Favourite philosopher?

Bertrand Russell. No, wait, Des’ree.


Favourite movie?



Are you hardcore atheist or have you got an agnostic side?

The two are not mutually exclusive. One concerns itself with belief, the other with knowledge. We are all technically agnostic. Believers don’t know but choose to believe there is a god. Atheists don’t know so choose to not believe there is a god.


Can you play that accordion yet?

 It depends what you mean by play.


Have you considered doing another ‘The Office’ UK?

Not The Office as such, but I intend to catch up with what Brent is doing now and what he’s been up to since he left Wernham Hogg.


What’s black and white, but red all over?

A newspaper, a sunburnt penguin and a nun with a javelin through her neck


Whats your favourite record at the moment?

Keaton Henson’s last album


Who is your favourite comedian ‘not including yourself’ ?

Me (I never read the last part of any question).


Do you still have Kev’s painting from “Derek”

No, I donated it to the local church.


Will you come to lovely Calgary, Alberta and have a drink with me?! 

I drove from Calgary to Banff a couple of years ago and it really is the most beautiful countryside on earth.



Bashing the bishop!


Will David Brent release an album?

Would you buy it?


Best book you read?

The Bible. It’s given me a lifetime of material. 


Thought Derek was a masterpiece BTW



What is your honest opinion about Sweden?

Love it. Smart, liberal, cold.


Come to Dallas! !!

I’ve been to San Antonio. I assume it’s similar, right?


No question but a comment, sir  Just wanted to thank you for all your work. “Derek” touched me so much and inspired me to move in with my father. I lived just across town from him but this is much better. He was diagnosed with dementia. I love that goofball  Also, I just completed my training as a hospice volunteer. During the breaks in the all day training, we all talked about “Derek” around the table; it touched us all so deeply  Thanks again!

Thank you 


How are your going to answer all these questions ? 

I’m not.


have you ever stepped barefoot in your cats vomit?

Yes, as she usually does it in the middle of the night right by the bed.


Do you still have the suit made out of curtains?

Sadly no. And I’d need bigger curtains these days.


You were once fat and now you’re less fat. Elaborate.

I used to consume more calories than I burned. Then I started to consume less calories than I burned. Science.


Any more live shows planned for David Brent?

Not in the diary yet but I’m definitely going to do more. They’re so much fun.


What do you imagine Eric Hitchmo looks like?

He’s based on an old guy I used to work with who accidentally retired a year early because he got his age wrong. He had to come back in the next week and ask if he could come back for a year. True.


I don’t have a question but want to say thanks for everything you do to help animals.

My pleasure


Do you think you’ll answer all these question?

Yes, I mean no. Damn, I’ve wasted time!


Mr. Gervais….Love your work, love your passion, love you!! My question….Do you like animals more than people?

I like nice people as much as animals.


If you were a worm, how long would you be?

From head to tail? Or from head to my enormous balls?


Are you ever going to come and see us in Australia?

It’s on my bucket list


You got a US standup show planned anytime soon? I could hook you up in Nashville. Could be a laugh! Such a large Expat community here, sellout guaranteed !

I’d love to do another US tour. My live work keeps getting pushed back whenever a TV or film project comes along.


Favourite character in The Office? (Excluding the Brentmeister General of course)

Gareth. I based him on a guy I went to school with. That’s why he seems like an adolescent. Kev is based on his best friend. There were two of them in my class. Imagine that.


So when are you going vegan? 

Gradually, but I like cheese too much. I’m weak.


How old were you when you decided that you were an atheist?



Whom would you like to work with most, on a film or tv project?

Kristin Wiig, Ryan Gosling, Eric Bana, Mr Sidney Poitier.


Are you really going to make a David Brent film?

I’m really going to try. I might die before I finish it though


[Taken from his Facebook Q&A]


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