• Granville, fetch a cloth… The swallows are leaving Granville. And they’re leaving it on our window. Get it off.
  • I know that face. That’s Nurse Gladys Emmanuel. Possible one of the finest backside in the north of England. And it all belongs to the state.
  • Mr Wilkinson: It’s a great burden, Granville. Being holier than everybody else. But I enjoy it.
  • They think because your middle age you don’t know what romance is. It’s that magic something that enables you to survive chat like what are your bowls like. She’ll be a riot if I took her to the federation dinner with a vernacular like that. She has a right old grip. With a partner like that beside him, a man will have someone to unload his delivery wagons for him.
  • It says here this smiling young actress is tip for stardom, and as usual you can see both tips quite distinctly.
  • Just shows you doesn’t it. Beware of large ambition in small vans. I thought I pulled it off this time. Fortunately, it’s only bruised. It’s back to that lonely bed. I enjoyed that good night kiss though. She got a lot of eastern promise behind that faint smell of coco. Rotten little van. Good place to park though. I must try and remember, it was just over the first hump at her knew and a sharp left at the first suspender
  • Mr Wilkinson: Next time you feel desperate for an egg, lad, pause, and remember where it’s come from. The world’s full of nasty places, Granville.
  • The nurse will be watching!
  • Oh, so we’re giving flowers to the milkwoman’s boyfriend now?
  • G-Granville? How do you spell p-p-p-p-pepper? Is it six p’s or seven?

Open All Hours Quotes

Open All Hours is a BBC sitcom written by Roy Clarke. It ran for 26 episodes in four series, which premiered in 1976, 1981, 1982 and 1985 respectively.