Andy Millman plays David Brent & Derek Noakes (Fan Fiction)

Andy Millman (Extras) plays David Brent (The Office) & Derek Noakes (Derek) after the last episode … First of all I should say I should say Ricky Gervais’ Extras is my favourite series he’s done. You ‘avin a laff? What about The Office!? Yeah… The Office is great & ground breaking but Extras for me

Andy Millman (Extras) plays David Brent (The Office) & Derek Noakes (Derek) after the last episode …


First of all I should say I should say Ricky Gervais’ Extras is my favourite series he’s done.

You ‘avin a laff? What about The Office!?

300px-Darren&BarryYeah… The Office is great & ground breaking but Extras for me was just perfect. The sitcom parodied inside a sitcom, the celebrity guest appearances, the side characters Shaun Williamson (Barry from Eastenders), Darren Lamb (Stephen Merchant), Bunny (The panto director) and many more!

I love them all but Extras is my favourite. I can go back and watch again & again. If you haven’t seen it since it aired, go and buy the DVD and revisit the gold!

So where was Andy?
At the end of the Christmas Special we saw Andy make a comeback after his speech during his Big Brother stay. His agent who before his stay in the house was avoiding Andy because his career was on a nose dive after he cancelled his own show (When The Wind Whistle Blows). He’s waiting to sell his story backstage of the Big Brother press meeting, instead of going in he chooses to leave and get into a car with Maggie where they joke about ‘going somewhere nobody knows him’ – ‘The Ivy? / Hollywood?’.


So on to the fan fiction…

After that I think Andy re-evaluated his whole life.  He scales down his living accommodation, takes Darren back as his agent and also made him Maggies’ agent (possibly for free as a part of a deal coming back).

After this Andy goes into hiding and spends 6 months writing his next sitcom. During this time his status is lifted in the public eye, after his brilliant speech people want him but he’s nowhere to be seen. Not forgotten, instead mystery surrounds him and he’s very sought after. Meanwhile he still hangs out with Maggie, whilst she is getting minor speaking roles in films. She also wants to change her life and career, so as well as extra work she also starts her own small cake company. Going to evening classes, training in decoration and baking she achieves this also with a small investment from Andy, who insists on it.

Iain Morris (Director of Comedy) has moved on, and after a lot of bridge building Andy approaches the BBC once again with another script. Aiming for BBC2 his new script and show idea focuses on his previous job before working at a factory in Wigan. The script is simply called….’The Office’. His different take on comedy really catches the focus of the bosses and they give him the chance to film a pilot. He films it completely in his new character of David Brent showing the viewers around his office in a documentary style. ‘Mockumentary’  – no laughter track either.


This would make sense within the ‘Extras’ universe. Andy wants to be seen as credible performer. This is his chance to reinvent himself, with success (and money) under his belt (albeit not what he craved initially) he has some power and influence.

The BBC pick up The Office after the pilot and is written without interference from anyone else. The series airs on BBC2 is critically acclaimed. Journalists do compared it to his previous work but mainly focus on how different and fresh the series is. Two series, a special and several awards later Andy is at the top of his game. He meets Greg Lindley-Jones at a few award shows having won, whilst Greg is only nominated. Their relationship still snarky and banterish changes again as Andy is more successful but both seem to have matured and have respect for each other. Greg is doing stage performances and films.

After the massive hit of The Office getting  more views than ‘When The Whistle Blows’, Andy stars in his first major film a year later called ‘Ghost Town’ as the lead, whilst also writing his own ‘Hollywood’ film ‘The Invention of Lying’ & ‘Cemetery Junction’ (Taking the back seat on writing he also directs). All three are a major success.

derek_gervaisHe returns to England after three films and begins his next project, wanting to experience the ins and outs of TV fully he writes …’Derek’ and plans for it to air on Channel 4. Taking his acting to a new level he plays the main role as Derek Noakes the kind hearted guy who works at a retirement home. This pushes his acting, directing and writing skills and is also given awards & critical acclaim from critics.

And so we’re caught up to present time. Andy Millman is happy with his life, he’s turned it around after his ‘rock bottom’ reality speech, he’s climbed his way back up earning respect and credibility from his peers. Playing the smarmy unlike-able boss David Brent which he got compassion and praise for. His various film writing and directing also awards him praise, with the icing on top of a new series called ‘Derek’ he is on top of the world. Of course Maggie and him are still close friends, and still hang out with Darren, Barry and of course Gaffers.

Oh and Darren is still taking 12.5%…

I thought about this after seeing the last episode of Extras the other night, remember it’s my own fan theory!

What are your thoughts on where Andy would be now? Or other characters? Other sitcoms?

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