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Alrite, I’m Karl Pilkington. Ask me anything.


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Hi, Karl! Are there any people with any physical deformities that you have discovered recently that has caught your attention, since you are into that kind of stuff? (eg, two headed man, three legged juggler…)

Just that story about the fella who’s gonna have his head put on a different body. Full respect if the surgeon pulls that one off. I’m chuffed if I manage to poach an egg without breaking it.

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Karl Pilkington's Australian Q&A

Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington Australia

Alrite. How’s it going?

I’ll be doing the Q&A in a bit for people in Australia. God knows how long I’ll do it for as I’m knackered now. The time difference makes it a bit of a ball ache. It’s at times like this I wish the whole world just ran on the same timezone. I know it would mean that some of the world would be working through the night but I did that for a few years and it wasn’t a problem. Maybe switch every year so we take it in turns who gets the daylight. Decide it on a toss of a coin. Could make it an event like when they decide who get’s the olympics. I don’t know if you do it in Australia but in the UK we have to change our clocks by an hour every year so it would be just like that but a bit more extreme. I don’t know why we still do it to be honest. They say it’s so farmers have light in the mornings or something but I don’t see why the farmers can’t just get up later to sort their crops instead of getting the whole country to mess with their watches. I came up with an idea ages ago of changing time. I worked out if we made a year 200 days instead of 365 it would change things for the better. I think it mean’t there would be only six months to a year. It would go from December to May so that we could keep Christmas cos I know that’s important to a lot of people. We’d have no summer months but the weather is always shite anyway so what’s the point in pretending we have a summer. I remember thinking the concept would also be good for doctors telling patients they were terminally ill as in the current way of time they might tell patients that they only have two years to live, in my system they would actually have four years which wouldn’t seem as bad. Anyway, as it is, we do have these time zones, so good morning Australia. I’m just going to put the cat out and say goodnight to Suzanne, make a cup of tea and get some biscuits and then i’ll start answering your questions around midnight UK time so bung your questions below.


Who is going to win the six nations?

I’m as interested as who’s gonna win The Voice.

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