• “You’re hot, you’re sweet and you’re popular at bedtimes”
  • “Rachel pleaseeeeeeeeee”
  • “Come on Daniel, wake up, it’s time for some activism”
  • “Yo my name is Switch and I’m a spoken word poet”
  • “Mum works till seven, dad gets home at ten. So basically I am homeless till then.”
  • “What does cool get you?”  “Pussy”
  • “Not even 30 seconds in and he’s already injured, not looking good for Steve.”
  • “Yes I’m the new guy, yes I have a motor bike”
  • Fancy a quick flirt?
  • ‘You crazy, Bukake!’
  • “Are you eating his dick?!”     “Yeah I always eat their dick”
  • We’re actually in our early twenties. We’ve just had very tough lives.

Cardinal Burns Quotes