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  • [on various occasions seducing women, well, trying anyway] May I say, what a SMASHING blouse you have on?
  • Eddie: That’s it! I’m going to write to my M.P.
    Richie: Why?
    Eddie: Because I love her!
    Richie: [emphatically] Eddie! Tony Blair is a man!
  • [Richie’s date repeatedly knocks on the door]
    Richie: All right, all right! Take it easy you bitch!
    Richie: I mean, Your Bitchness… I mean Lady Bitch of, oh God Eddie, what do you call them?
    Eddie: Jugs, what do you call them?
  • Woman: Which one of you is Mr Hitler
    Eddie: That would be me.
    Women: Ooh, any relation?
    Eddie: Well… I’ve got a mother.
    Women: No, no, I meant to Adolf Hitler.
    Eddie: Yes that’s her.
  • Ew, I nearly kissed you on the knob then.
  • I’d rather cut off my penis with a rusty bread knife.
  • Richie: Well yes, I can see your point.
    Eddie: It’s this new skirt, it racks up very easily.
  • So Spudgun, tell me about this road sign – sounds great.
  • [to God, who has just saved them from imminent death] Nice. Very nice. Nice beard too.

Bottom is a British sitcom television series that originally aired on BBC2 between 1991 and 1995. It was written by and starring comic duo Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall as Richie and Eddie, two flatmates who live on the dole in Hammersmith, London. The program ran for three series, and was followed by five stage show tours across the United Kingdom between 1993 and 2003, and a feature film Guest House Paradiso. The show is noted for its chaotic, nihilistic humour and violent comedy slapstick.

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