• “Your name is Gay Phistor and you want to work in a school full of teenagers?”
  • “I’m gonna put these sheets in the wash, tried to put a lid on it but yano been a while”
  • Ooh! Double act. Bant and Dec!
  • “You can be my chef, my LSDelia!”
  • “You’re starting to look like a bit of a twunt”
  • “I’m single-I’m young, fun & full of come”
  • “We need to raise some money” “What if you take that condom you’ve got in your wallet to the antiques roadshow”
  • Protect the rhinos? They’re basically dinosaurs anyway I think they can look after themselves.
  • Someone lock this guy up in Bantanemo Bay!
  • You’re an idiot but you’re also a nice kind man’ ‘Let’s destroy this bastard’s life
  • Toe? That’s a hoof!
  • Shut it chicken dippa!
  • Classic jedi banter
  • As they say in China, one child will do
  • Are you saying when you teach us you imagine us naked!
  • Shut the funk door!
  • You are so Times New Roman..
  • That’s some good shit, do you wanna do blowback?
  • Back and forth with Ballroom Banter with Banton-du-beck
  • Re to the wind, someone call shaggy and tell him it was me on the bathroom floor
  • Giving me an erection at a children’s swimming gala
  • I like Joe – doesn’t mean i’m going to bum him!

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Bad Education is a British sitcom produced by Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Three. It stars Jack Whitehall as young teacher Alfie Wickers – “the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system” – at the fictional Abbey Grove School in Hertfordshire.