Absolutely Fabulous Quotes

[in front of Saffy] Ooo, she’s so cold, sweetie! I’ll just bet she has her period in cubes. [shouting] I DON’T WANT MORE CHOICE, I JUST WANT NICER THINGS. [to Saffy] Oh you little BITCH TROLL FROM HELL. Saffie: I didn’t know you still had the shop. Eddie: Oh, still got it, darling, but it’s not doing very well. The supply’s dropped off. You know… India’s: had it, been there… Africa’s dried up completely now… It’s ridiculous… Thank God for Grozny. Honestly. Well, darling, if it wasn’t for that lovely little Russian army advancing, thrashing out all those gorgeous little heirlooms in my direction, I don’t know what I’d do… Oh, you should see, darling, in the shop I’ve got at the moment this fabulous little samovar with a little old woman still attached to it, sweetie. Clinging on for dear life. Having to lure her off with dry bread … Continue reading Absolutely Fabulous Quotes